Deborah Fell’s art all over the Winter 2012 issue of Art Quilting Studio.

cover deborah fell

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Art Quilting Studio Winter 2012

My work is on the front cover!  An article is included as well!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 was a year of learning and beauty. Thank you to all of you who read this blog. May 2012 bring joy, happiness and clarity.

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My art quilt, Echo Squares, is about half way through….

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December is here….

The artist-in-residence program at Mendocino Art Center was a life changing experience.  I have been home about a month and continue to work on the body of work started in Mendocino, California.  I will return to the Mendocino Art Center in April for the artist-in-residence exhibit the second weekend of April–this is open to the public so if you want to go to a really beautiful place and see some incredible art–this is the journey for you!

Holiday season is almost here and I wish all of you the quiet joy of true holiday celebration.

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Design inspiration is everywhere.

Design inspiration is everywhere.

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What is an artist-in-residence?

Well the most obvious is that you live where you create your art. It’s a little like grad school but you are the teacher, the student and the administration all rolled into one. You have to be totally self-directed, disciplined and focus. I have worked harder this past 5 weeks than at any other time. My focus has brought me clarity for my voice and my art voice is loud & clear. Nothing I have painted is realistic–all of my work are interpretations of how I see the world. Abstract Expressionism if you want to get technical. I am not an artist who can draw (and I admire them greatly–what a gift!) So maybe not being able to draw was meant to be–my world is not interpreted with exactness, but with potential for shapes and colors. I am legally blind without my glasses so maybe I should just start painting without them. Once when I had surgery on my right hand, many restrictions were in place–no driving…..but I could not go without painting for 6 wks. So I painted with my left hand & created a very successful body of work.

There is one more week left in this incredible adventure. Hard to believe it has gone by so fast. I will return in April.

I continue to be humbled beyond words.

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Hiking the Mendocino Headlands

Hiking the Mendocino Headlands

Hikiing on the edge of the western United States. Clears your mind, frees your soul. Art inspiration everywhere.

The artist-in-residence experience continues to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a little like grad school with 8 other people. You create your own structure & timeline and get to work side by side artists of various mediums from all over the country and the world.

Left the quiet of Mendocino this weekend and got to go sailing on the San Francisco Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge with some dear friends. Oh no!!!! More inspiration—more art!!!!! 1,000 pics so far–all for the art design folder!

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California Redwoods

California Redwoods

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October 25, 2011

So far I have taken over 800 pictures and have about 15 pieces in the design tank for this body of work. This experience has taught me how to develop a cohesive body of work. Artwork will not be posted before the opening exhibit in April.

Here’s a public tv video that just came out about my work:

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